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My name is Ton van Heusden and my hobby is researching my wife's and my own families since 1984. In addition I am also researching immigrants from Zeeuwsvlaanderen. Please feel free to use all the information, except when you want to use it for commercial purposes. Then you need my written consent. Enjoy!

Please select a letter from the alphabet bar above. This wil show you all the names starting with that letter. When the list is too long the names will be divided over several pages. Just select the next page at the bottom.

The next step is to select a name and you will be shown a list of all persons with that last name. They will be sorted by first name and secondary by their birth date. Selecting an indiviual from this list will show you the family page, i.e. parents, husband and/or children if known. For each selected individual you may select the pedigree view. If you want to copy the family's information, select gedcom, this will show the gedcom, then select save as in your browser to save with 'anyname.ged' . This produces a gedcom to add in your genealogy program.

Note: It is possible that a surname is not found. This is due to the fact that the database is containing and showing all surnames, including an alias for that name, but the program is not able to filter the aliases out. Go back to the previous page using the browser's and select another name that sounds or looks similar to the one you selected previously. In due time a real time search feature will be developed and included.

Gemeente kernenZeeuws Vlaanderen

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