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Due to persecution for religious reasons (Hugenoten) als well as due to war a large flow of migrants occured in Europe. Many tried to rebuild their existence elsewhere in a different country. You will find a lot of people in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen with foreign names originating from France or Austria (Salzburg area). These two groups migrated mainly for religious reasons. For some the conditions in Zeeuws=Vlaanderen where not good enough, so they decided to move on. From several parts of Zeeland they departed for another country or continent. My information is limited mainly to the area of West-Zeeuwsvlaanderen.

During the time frame 1840 to 1920 about 12.000 persons from West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen migrated to mainly North America.Bram Vergouwe from Breskens has made an effort to collect all those names and this collection is the basis for my further research. It is remarkable that in the period 1858 to 1862 about 500 persons decided to go to South America, particularly Brasil. The well known archivist Dr. J de Hullu had already done some research on this group, but Mr. G.A.C. van Vooren has made an overview dedicated to this specific group of Dutchman including more detailed information. In 1984, Mr. F. Buysse promoted on a study Cultural Antropology to this group. I owe it to Mr. D. Hoogeveen, currently residing in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, that I was informed about the information on this group by providing me with several documents.

It is already possible to find more information on the emigrants. In several cases the name of the ships they have traveled was found and added to the person. For each ship the names are combined per voyage to give you an overview who traveled together and if available their final destination. It is my intention to find descendants and ascendant for all emigrants from Zeeland, however I can not do this on my own. Your help in collecting the data is vital otherwise this project will never be completed.

So your additions and corrections are highly appreciated. Like in the Genealogy menu you can select a letter to get a list of surnames (immigrants only) which will help you select any person you want.

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