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IntroductionMy name is Ton van Heusden and since 9 February 2017 manager of the Ancestors Foundation. The foundation continues my research into immigrants from the Province of Zeeland by collecting birth, marriage and death data, including way of travel to the new country and other relevant information. This information is available online for free, however may not be used for commercial purposes without explicit consent of the Foundation. We are a non-profit Foundation, however there are still costs involved for research and publication. When you are pleased with the information provided, a small donation will be appreciated. We accept Paypal and major credit cards.

Manual:Please notice the menu on the left side of this page. Depending on the choice you have made, you might get an additional choice, like the alphabet. Choosing a character will provide you with a list of names, starting with that character. Clicking on a name will get you to a page with more detailed information. Each link will bring you to a new page with different information, while clicking 'back' will return you to the previous page. If you have any questions, corrections or additions please select contact in the menu and leave us a message.

Sources:The information on my site is a collection of information collected from government, commercial and private collections, foreign and domestic. Below the most important sources:
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